Thankful for Thanksgiving

Hey y’all!  Since it is Thanksgiving time (in just a couple of days omg!) I am going to make a list of things I am thankful for.

  • My family

My family has helped me through a lot these past couple of months.  If I didn’t have them I would be a mess on the floor.  They  helped me when I was having physical problems and emotional ones.  My Mom and Dad have been there as a rock in my life for so long and I am just now realizing how much they love me.  They have helped me grow into the young woman I am now.

  • My friends

The friends God has given me are amazing.  Whenever I need to talk, they are there to listen.  They have made me laugh and cry and see life from all perspectives.  I love them so much and don’t know what my life would be like without them.

  • My animals

The animals I have now and had in the past have helped me grow so much.  With them, I have learned responsibility and patience.  They have taught me about life and death and all the in-betweens, and that sometimes, it’s okay to cry.

  • God

Lastly I am thankful for my God.  He has been by my side when I asked for help, guided me, and comforted me in the dead of night when I had lost all hope.  Without Him, I would be in the pits of despair with no way out.  He gave me a family that loves me, friends that are by my side, and a reason to live.


Thanks so much for reading this post!  Now, tell me what you are thankful for in the comments section below.  If I get enough comments, I’ll type them up in a post and publish it.

My Hair Product Review

Hello everyone!  This week I’m going to do a review on my favorite hair product; Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  You may recognize this particular product if you read my post on curly hair.  It is the best one I have found for my hair type.  Curly hair needs a lot of moisture and this conditioner gives the right amount without leaving my hair oily.  When my hair is wet the conditioner weighs it down a little bit, but once my hair is dry it is light and curly (well hopefully *laughs nervously*).  Speaking of dry, this product works amazing in wet and dry hair!!!  If I want a little extra volume after my hair is dry I put the conditioner in it and, BOOM, my hair is voluminous.  The fact that this conditioner gives volume is probably my favorite part about it.  If you are looking for more good products for curly hair I really suggest looking at Shea Moisture’s selection.  I have used another product by them and it worked just as well.  You can go check out their website here.

Hope this post was helpful.  Please comment below and thanks for reading!!!

Fall Country Jamboree

  • The trip 

     Last weekend, my family and I went to the Fall Country Jamboree at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Florida.  It took us about an hour to get there.  It felt like forever.  Once there, we met my grandparents, my aunt, and my cousin.

  • The sights

The settlement had animals in large pens.  There were horses, sheep, goats, chickens, and peacocks.  There was a man grinding corn and giving people johnnycakes, a corn boil, a lady spinning yarn, and a lady weaving a fishing net.  We got to see a log cabin with a bed and a colorful quilt on it and a cradle with a small pillow and blanket in it.  A little ways from that, we saw a more modern ”shot gun” house with news-papered walls.  The houses were made with the front and back door in line with each other to help with air flow.  The houses earned the name “shot gun” because if you stood in the front door you could shoot a bullet through the house and straight out the back door.  I call it more modern only because of the design.  In reality, these houses were used before electricity or running water.  The most prominent part of the Jamboree was (drumroll) the music!!!  There were stages with musicians everywhere.  The musicians played a variety of music with a variety of instruments.  Some had the traditional violin or guitar while others had banjos or harmonicas (one man even had a branch with a string tied to it!).  The stages themselves varied from a historic church to a traditional stage to a barn.

  • The end 

At the end of the day, we had a lot of fun.  Getting to spend time with my family was the highlight for me.  We were tired and hot but it was worth it.  Below are some pictures.





Sugarcane crusher. It was designed to be pulled by a mule.


Axes stuck in a log.


Handmade barrel outside of log cabin.


Blue and white dishes on table in log cabin.


Cast iron pots on stove in log cabin.


Chickens in pen.


Male peacock.


Tubs with washboards.


Hanging kettle.


Bed with handmade quilt.


Front view of shot gun house.


Ground corn


My Art Supplies

Hi there!  Today I’m going to show y’all a list of my favorite things to use for art.  Hope you enjoy!

IDenti Pen

My mom got me these markers and they are just about my favorite things to use.  The markers are dual tip (perks!) and the colors are vibrant.  I don’t use these markers only for art, though.  I use them to write on my calendar and to do my notebooking as well.  They are awesome!!!



Paper Mate mechanical pencil

This is one of the best mechanical pencils I have ever used.  It uses 0.7 mm lead which I have found to be a good size for me.  The grip took me a little while to get used to, given it is different from some other pencils I use.



Faber-Castell PITT artists pen

This is a black ink, brush tip pen.  I like brush tip pens A LOT.  I have used this one for adding shadows on ink drawings.  It glides nicely across the page and has lasted me a while.



Sharpie Pen

I have found this medium tip black ink pen to be very useful.  The nicest thing about this pen is it doesn’t bleed.  I can write with it and use an eraser on the page a few seconds later with no problem.



Pentel Arts Oil Pastels

This pack of pastels comes with 50 sticks in 49 colors (two white).  The pastels themselves are not to soft or hard and blend well together.  My favorite part is that I can use them on a piece of art one day and go back the next and the day old pastel on the paper still blends fabulously.



Canson XL Mix Media sketchbook with 98 lb. pages.

I hadn’t expected it but this sketchbook has turned out to be one of my favorite.  The pages are heavy enough to handle pastels and ink pens with no problem.  The pages are a nice size, being just a little larger than standard printer paper.


Hope this list can help you in your art journey.  Thanks for reading!!!


Curly Hair

God blessed me with this amazing (most of the time) curly hair.  BUT, I didn’t learn how to care for it or what to do with it until I was about 13.  I have spent the last 3 years of my life experimenting with my hair.  This post is for the girls that don’t have the amazing friends I do that have helped with my curly mane.  Enjoy!

Don’t brush!!!

I can tell you this has been the biggest no-no in my curly life.  Never brush curly hair!!!  Sadly, I used to.  All you get is a frizzy, damaged mess.  Sad really.

No Shampoo (maybe sometimes but…)

This one was weird for me at first.  Not shampoo my hair!  Nonsense!  Listen, it’s not very good for your hair.  Still, I shampoo every once in a while.  Especially in summer.  The reason not to shampoo is curly hair needs a lot of oil and moisture to keep from frizzing.  Shampoo is made to take all that out.  If you do have to shampoo, use only a little on your scalp.  That is really all you need.  Moral of the story: shampoo + curls = bad time.  This leads to the next point.

Condition Like Your Life Depends On It

Because curly hair take a lot of moisture and oil, it is awesome idea to use leave in conditioner.  My favorite is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  My friend got me a container for Christmas one year and I have used nothing else since.  In addition to that I sometimes use hair gel.  It seems to help with volume.

Down Or Up (both is good)

I was told once that leaving my hair down all the time isn’t a good idea.  Neither is putting it up all the time.  Which is best?!?!  Honestly, it depends on what I happen to be doing that day.  If it is a Sunday I will usually leave it down for church or if I’m going somewhere.  I like leaving my hair down and I think it looks very pretty that way.  If I am working, it goes up; no arguments.  AND since I live in Florida, it is very hot so during the summer it stays up a lot.  My favorite ways to put it up are either in a bun or in braids.

Wet Hair; And What To Do With It.

I find myself going to bed with wet hair fairly often.  When this happens I put it in a twist and secure it with bobby pins.  The next morning I will take it down, fluff it, and let it dry.  Don’t mess with wet curly hair!  It will increase the chances of your hair being frizzy when it dries.  Even once it dries it is best to keep the touching to a minimal.

Some Deep Stuff

I don’t personally do this but it is good to deep condition your hair every once in a while.  One of my friends would put deep conditioner in her hair and leave it in for a full day.  She would walk around with her hair up in a bun for the day and then wash it out that night.  For the record, it smelled AMAZING!!!

So, I hope this helped you and thanks for reading!