The Unexpected Adventure

Hello everyone!  Over spring break I went on an unplanned adventure with my mom and sisters.  We were in town and had nothing we needed to do for the next hour so my mom decided to go to a thrift store she had passed a few times.  The problem with this idea was – the thrift store was closed.  So, as we drove around the parking lot we saw a statue in the grass.

Oh cool.  A statue.

The statue was cool.  It was a man in a chariot pulled by two white horses.  Then, my mom saw three crosses up on hill.  (I suppose here would be a good place to mention that this thrift store was attached to a church)  We went up to the hill and climb it.  Not only were there three crosses but there was also an open tomb.  From on top of this hill we saw an elephant statue.  More statues!  On our way to the elephants we saw a little barn with a goat in it.  The barn looked like it might be used as the set for a live nativity during Christmas.  We went up to the fence to see the goat and a little donkey comes out of the barn as well.  This was the cutest donkey I have seen in my life.  After the donkey comes out a very disgruntled-looking sheep.  That is all I will say about that sheep.

Okay, so back to the statues.  When we were done visiting the animals, we walked to the elephant statues.  The elephants had been placed on the edge of a wooded area.  As it turns out this wooded area had a path going through it.  Of course, we do the sensible things and go back to the car and don’t explore this strange piece of property.  NOPE!!!  We walk down the path.  And what is down this path?  More statues.  I honestly have no idea why this church has so many statues.  There were statues of angels and Jesus right along side the path.  Off to the side and down in a ravine were more statues.  And more and more and more statues.  I have never seen so many animal statues in one place in my life.  Lions, a panda, alligators, chickens, and monkeys just to name a few.  It was so cool!!


After we finished walking on this really cool path we found a way down into the ravine with the statues.  There was a dragon statue there and some big rocks that we climbed on.  Along the wall of the ravine were two huge fissures.  They were just huge.  And deep.  One had a little space with a pool of water.  The coolest thing was that the air coming out was cooler than the air outside.

Once I had climbed on the wall to try and see inside the fissures, we climbed back up the hill and got in the car.  All in all, we had a very fun time in an unexpected place.