What’s In Your Bag?

My bag is an Under Armour backpack and I manage to fit a BUNCH of stuff in it.

  • water (always an essential)
  • snacks (almost always Doritos but sometimes a candy like Sour Patch Kids)
  • journal
  • pencil bag (has pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, and a block eraser)
  • notebooks for school (I try to have one for every subject)
  • textbooks
  • planner
  • a poetry book (right now Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell)
  • a bag with toiletries (pads and tampons)
  • a little box with bandaids and gauze
  • chap stick (Burt’s Bees is my favorite)
  • phone charging cord and a portable charger
  • earbuds (can’t live without those)
  • a box of TicTacs

Back to School!

School is starting (or maybe has already started for you) and the studyblr community on tumblr is back in full swing. User universi-tea made a post called the 30 Day Back to School Challenge and I decided to use some of their ideas for some posts on here. I will not be using all of the prompts but I liked a few in particular. Here we go!!!



Today I planted the two rows of corn. I put two seeds in each hole I made to ensure that a plant will come up. I am a little worried about how the plants will grow because corn needs a lot of water and the corn rows are the farthest from the sprinkler. I will have to hand water them every day to ensure that they receive enough water.


Corn sprouts have started coming up! I have five sprouts right now. They are growing really fast. Unfortunately, only the first row of corn has plants. The second row does not have any signs of anything growing.


I have a few more corn sprouts in the first row. I have started soaking both corn rows with a hose to get water to that farthest row. Their are still no signs of sprouts on the far row.

My Garden

This spring I have started a garden. I did a garden in 2012 with one of my sisters and I enjoyed it a lot so this year I decided to do it again. I am going to take you all along for the ride. I will be including planting dates, when the sprouts come up, and hopefully some pictures. Basically this will be a diary of my garden journey this year.

In my garden this year I have planted two rows of corn, one row of cucumber, one row of zucchini, one row of yellow squash, two rows of pole beans, half a row of eggplant, half a row of onions, half a row of radishes, and half a row of bell peppers.

I will include links to the posts about my various plants as I post about them. I hope you all enjoy it!

The Corn post

Social Media

Hey everyone!

Social media is prevalent in our culture now.  Everyone has a phone, tablet, or laptop with some means of social media on it.  I have not had a bad experience with social media.  I have also only been on it for about a year now.  It tends to take a lot of my time (whether I want it to or not) but over all it has been nice.  I have gotten to see the lives of friends that I don’t get to see very often.

I recently decided I wanted to become more involved in social media.  But I wanted it to be in a good way.  So, I decided to start a Tumblr account.  For a while I just re-blogged things I saw that I like.  Then, a few days ago, I got the idea to start a Tumblr account for my photography.  Then I started a VSCO account and started posting my photography on there too.  And then I started an Instagram (another one) also for my photography.  So, now I have three different social media platforms all for my photography.

All of these accounts were not just created because I wanted to extend my social media presence (in case you haven’t figured that out yet).  I am also getting more serious about my photography.  I will probably make this another post but I am very excited about where this could lead (that’s all I’m going to say ;P).

I hope you will take a moment to go and check out my accounts (and maybe give me a follow *hint hint*)

Instagram – l_m_v_photography

VSCO – lmvelazquez

Tumblr – lmvphotography


Thanks so much for reading!

My Bucket List

Hello everyone.  I hope all is well and your life is going wonderfully!

Today I am going to share my BUCKET LIST *cue dramatic music*.

Okay, it isn’t that scary or exciting (but background music makes everything better. be honest here) and I just recently realized that I actually have a bucket list.  Here we goooooooo!!!!!

My bucket list ⇒
  • Travel to Austria

Why?  When I was little I watched a documentary on the Lipizzaner horses in Austria.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever and decided I was going to learn Spanish (which is the language I thought they spoke there) and move to Austria to work with the horses.  Well, 11 year old me, Austrians don’t speak Spanish but that was an awesome idea and I still want to go.

Here are the gorgeous stallions


  • Learn to surf

Why?  I have always wanted to surf.  It seems so cool.  Also, I have this innate fear of jellyfish.  I was stung by very badly one summer and it took weeks to heal.  Then it took me a very long time to get myself back into the water even though I knew there was a very small chance of there being more jellyfish.  I want a reason to get into the water and get myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m going to continue with the picture thing and give you a picture of a surf board.

Keeping with the beach thing…

  • Spend the entire summer at the beach.

Why?  I love the beach.  I don’t live at the beach.  I want to.  End of explanation.

  • Acquire a helicopter pilot’s license.

Why?  I think it would be so cool.  Not many women have helicopter pilots licenses and it sounds like it would be awesome.

  • Fill an entire journal with my life.

Why? I like documenting my life.  Not so I can share it with other people but so I can look back and see how I was feeling, what I was doing at that point in my life.  I am currently working on this one.  It is very nice actually.

  • Get one of those really colorful drinks from Starbucks.

Why? THEY LOOK SO COOL!!  I see them on Pinterest all the time and they look fun to drink.  I haven’t been to Starbucks much at all and this would just be fun.

  • Study abroad.

Why?  So, when I say study abroad I mainly mean go to college in Puerto Rico.  Because Puerto Rico is amazing and beautiful.

  • Eat more Crêpes.

Why?  I like crêpes a lot.  So much, so much, so much.  I like to eat them with cream and strawberries and some powdered sugar on top.  There is nothing keeping me from eating them.  I just want to eat more 🙂

  • Eat a churro.

Why?  Now, before you start thinking that I have never eaten a churro in my life, I have.  I like churros a lot (more than crêpes) and I used to eat them very often.  Then, I found out I am gluten intolerant and that ended my churro eating days.  I haven’t figured out how to make gluten free churros.  These are sad times.

  • Go to Italy

Why?  I like Italy and the old towns that are there.  I mainly want to go for the winding streets and the photo opportunities there.  Also, food.  Not sure how that would work with my gluten free-ness but we’ll see.

  • Travel to Ecuador.

Why?  My friend went to Ecuador this year and the pictures he took were beautiful!  There are mountains and the ocean and it looks gorgeous.

  • Spend the entire summer at the beach with my cousin.

Why?  This is something we both decided we want to do.  And it would just be more fun with her.

  • Eat a smoothie bowl.

Why?  They are so nice to look at!  Like, they make food beautiful.  An art.  And it is fruit so a win win.

Here are pictures 


  • Become fluent in Spanish.

Why?  I am Puerto Rican and have spent most of my life not understanding what was being said around me.  It gets a little aggravating after a while.  I like how it sounds and it feels good to speak it.

Well, this brings an end to my 14 item bucket list.  I’m sure it will grow as I do.  Do you have anything in common with my bucket list?  Do you have one of your own?  Tell me in the comments!

Summer Trip pt.2

Hello everyone!

Today my family’s dogs went on their first trip to the beach.  It was awesome!!!  It took a while to find a dog friendly beach under three hours from us but we did and we had a ton of fun (living in Florida you would think that beaches would be closer but NOOOOOO).

We ended up going to a beach just south of St. Augustine.  Going to the beach early in the morning is the best bet if you are going with dogs.  The sand isn’t that hot and y’all can get some playtime in before it gets too hot.  We took water for our dogs and towels for them to lay on when they got tired.  My big dog is a lab mix and loved the water.  Our smaller dog isn’t a fan of water but she still played in the waves a little.

Tips for taking dogs to the beach –

  1. Towels.  Towels for the car, your dog, and laying on the sand, for you.  Towels for everything.
  2. Water. Drinking water is a necessity for playing with your dog in the sun anywhere.  If your dog doesn’t have water they may try to drink the salt water and that can lead to other problems.
  3. Leashes.  Most beaches require that your dog be leashed at all times.  If you do let your dog off leash, make sure they have I.D on their collar in case they get lost
  4. Toys.  If the beach is flat your dog may enjoy chasing a ball or a frisbee.  This is also a fun way to get you running too
  5. Sunscreen.  I haven’t actually used sunscreen because both of our dogs are darker.  However, if your dog has a white belly or nose, dog sunscreen would be a good idea if you plan on staying outside for long periods of time.
  6. Life vest.  Life vests are the best if you have a small dog, your dog has never been in deep water before, or if you are taking your dog surfing.  Sometimes the waves can be too much for even the best swimmer and currents can be a problem too.
  7. Poop bags!!.  When dogs decide to go to the bathroom will forever be unpredictable and no one wants to dig up old dog poop while trying to build a sandcastle.  I just use plastic shopping bags or small bread bags for this task.  And now to find a trash can…


I hope this will help a little when going on summer adventures with your pup.  What else do you take when traveling with a dog?  Let me know in the comments!!!




Be A Light

At the end of June my sisters and I go to a Christian youth camp in Georgia.  The camp is actually two camps put together, both with different age groups.  The junior camp is for children ages 9 to 12 and the senior camp is for children ages 13 to 20 (or something like that lol).  Last year I felt God calling me to go as staff for the junior camp.  The first thing I thought of was the fact that I wouldn’t get to see my friends in the senior camp.  I fought with God about this for two weeks before I finally gave into what He wanted me to do.  I actually ended up having a good time.  Not only was I able to help some of the kids but I grew spiritually myself.  This year I felt God calling me to do the same thing and this time I didn’t fight Him over it.  The theme of our camp was Be The Light.  We used the scripture Matthew 5:14-16 when Jesus talks about Christians being lights unto the world.  We also taught the children about how words hurt.  How we should use our words to be a light in the world.  I read the book of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to them.  From that we had one of the best teachings of the entire camp and it wasn’t even planned.  One of the brothers talked about speaking to what someone could become and not how they are now.  When I was younger I had really bad teeth.  I got braces when I was eleven but before that I was teased because of how my teeth looked.  It hurt me a lot and, as silly as it sounds, sometimes those words come back to me.  The brother talked about how we see the caterpillar and how it is fat and bumpy and ugly and we see the cocoon and how brown and boring it looks.  We see all of this but we have to look past it and speak to the butterfly that will come out of this process.  As impossible as it may seem for that ugly cocoon to turn into something beautiful, we have to believe it can.  We have to believe that it will.





Hello everyone!!!

For the past couple of months I have been having mysterious pains in my abdomen and we haven’t been able to find out what is causing them.  The other day when the pain was really bad I was reminded of a poem that I read when I was very young.  I couldn’t remember much but I did remember a stanza where a king was in great pain from a battle wound and he said “even this shall pass away”.  That stuck with me.  No matter what the king was going through, great or small, he would always say, “even this shall pass away”.  This afternoon I went to find that poem because again my pain has been very bad and I wanted to read it.  Now, I want to share it with you.  Enjoy!

Even This Shall Pass Away

Once in Persia reigned a King

Who upon his signet ring

Graved a maxim true and wise,

 Which, if held before the eyes

Gave him counsel at a glance,

Fit for every change and chance.

Solemn words, and these are they:

“Even this shall pass away.”


Trains of camels through the sand

Brought his gems from Samarcand;

Fleets of galleys through the seas

Brought him pearls to match with these.

But he counted not his gain

Treasures of the mine of main;

“What is wealth?” the king would say;

“Even this shall pass away.”


In the revels of his court

At the zenith of the sport,

When the palms of all his guests

Burned with clapping at his jests;

He amid his figs and wine,

Cried: “Oh loving friends of mine!

Pleasure comes but not to stay;

Even this shall pass away.”


Fighting on a furious field,

Once a javelin pierced his shield;

Soldiers with a loud lament

Bore him bleeding to his tent;

Groaning from his tortured side,

“Pain is hard to bear,” he cried,

“But with patience day by day, –

Even this shall pass away.”


Towering in the public square,

Twenty cubits in the air,

Rose his statue, carved in stone,

Then, the king, disguised, unknown,

Stood before his sculptured name

Musing meekly, “What is fame?

Fame is but a slow decay –

Even this shall pass away.”


Struck with palsy, sere and old,

Waiting at the gates of gold,

Said he with his dying breath;

“Life is done, but what is death?”

Then, in answer to the King,

Fell a sunbeam on his ring,

Showing by a heavenly ray,

“Even this shall pass away.”

–Theodore Tilton





Summer Trip pt.1

Hello everyone!!!  This past weekend I took my first trip to Sanibel Island, Florida.  Let’s just say I hope it will not be my last trip.  I love that island so much.  The reason I went to Sanibel Island was to visit some extended family that had come down from Iowa.  It is located just south of Fort Myers, Florida and it is shell paradise.  The entire beach is shells.  Not like you would find in Puerto Rico where the sand isn’t sand but actually shells crushed so small they look like sand.  No.  At Sanibel Island you are literally walking on shells.  Whole shells.  As beautiful as it is, walking barefoot on the beach quickly becomes painful.

broken shells = hurt feet


We found a lot of Florida conch shells.  They are very pretty.

One of the things I love about the island is all of the bike paths.  Riding a bicycle is about as common as driving a car.  There are paved roads for the bikes that go through trees and along canals.  Everything is very scenic.  While on Sanibel Island, most of my family had rented bicycles and we took a short trip to a fully operational light house located on the coast.  

We couldn’t go up into the light house but we got some cool pictures in front of it.  The sunset on the beach colored the water beautiful shades of pink.

An interesting thing we had to do while staying on the island was making sure there was no light shining through the windows after nine o’clock P.M.  Sanibel Island is the home of many turtle nests and the people there are doing everything in their power to help the turtles make it to the ocean.  They have a good reason to as well.  At this moment every species of turtle is endangered.

At the end, the trip was a lot of fun.  Have you ever been to an island?  How was it?  Tell me in the comments!