Social Media

Hey everyone!

Social media is prevalent in our culture now.  Everyone has a phone, tablet, or laptop with some means of social media on it.  I have not had a bad experience with social media.  I have also only been on it for about a year now.  It tends to take a lot of my time (whether I want it to or not) but over all it has been nice.  I have gotten to see the lives of friends that I don’t get to see very often.

I recently decided I wanted to become more involved in social media.  But I wanted it to be in a good way.  So, I decided to start a Tumblr account.  For a while I just re-blogged things I saw that I like.  Then, a few days ago, I got the idea to start a Tumblr account for my photography.  Then I started a VSCO account and started posting my photography on there too.  And then I started an Instagram (another one) also for my photography.  So, now I have three different social media platforms all for my photography.

All of these accounts were not just created because I wanted to extend my social media presence (in case you haven’t figured that out yet).  I am also getting more serious about my photography.  I will probably make this another post but I am very excited about where this could lead (that’s all I’m going to say ;P).

I hope you will take a moment to go and check out my accounts (and maybe give me a follow *hint hint*)

Instagram – l_m_v_photography

VSCO – lmvelazquez

Tumblr – lmvphotography


Thanks so much for reading!