My Bucket List

Hello everyone.  I hope all is well and your life is going wonderfully!

Today I am going to share my BUCKET LIST *cue dramatic music*.

Okay, it isn’t that scary or exciting (but background music makes everything better. be honest here) and I just recently realized that I actually have a bucket list.  Here we goooooooo!!!!!

My bucket list ⇒
  • Travel to Austria

Why?  When I was little I watched a documentary on the Lipizzaner horses in Austria.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever and decided I was going to learn Spanish (which is the language I thought they spoke there) and move to Austria to work with the horses.  Well, 11 year old me, Austrians don’t speak Spanish but that was an awesome idea and I still want to go.

Here are the gorgeous stallions


  • Learn to surf

Why?  I have always wanted to surf.  It seems so cool.  Also, I have this innate fear of jellyfish.  I was stung by very badly one summer and it took weeks to heal.  Then it took me a very long time to get myself back into the water even though I knew there was a very small chance of there being more jellyfish.  I want a reason to get into the water and get myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m going to continue with the picture thing and give you a picture of a surf board.

Keeping with the beach thing…

  • Spend the entire summer at the beach.

Why?  I love the beach.  I don’t live at the beach.  I want to.  End of explanation.

  • Acquire a helicopter pilot’s license.

Why?  I think it would be so cool.  Not many women have helicopter pilots licenses and it sounds like it would be awesome.

  • Fill an entire journal with my life.

Why? I like documenting my life.  Not so I can share it with other people but so I can look back and see how I was feeling, what I was doing at that point in my life.  I am currently working on this one.  It is very nice actually.

  • Get one of those really colorful drinks from Starbucks.

Why? THEY LOOK SO COOL!!  I see them on Pinterest all the time and they look fun to drink.  I haven’t been to Starbucks much at all and this would just be fun.

  • Study abroad.

Why?  So, when I say study abroad I mainly mean go to college in Puerto Rico.  Because Puerto Rico is amazing and beautiful.

  • Eat more Crêpes.

Why?  I like crêpes a lot.  So much, so much, so much.  I like to eat them with cream and strawberries and some powdered sugar on top.  There is nothing keeping me from eating them.  I just want to eat more 🙂

  • Eat a churro.

Why?  Now, before you start thinking that I have never eaten a churro in my life, I have.  I like churros a lot (more than crêpes) and I used to eat them very often.  Then, I found out I am gluten intolerant and that ended my churro eating days.  I haven’t figured out how to make gluten free churros.  These are sad times.

  • Go to Italy

Why?  I like Italy and the old towns that are there.  I mainly want to go for the winding streets and the photo opportunities there.  Also, food.  Not sure how that would work with my gluten free-ness but we’ll see.

  • Travel to Ecuador.

Why?  My friend went to Ecuador this year and the pictures he took were beautiful!  There are mountains and the ocean and it looks gorgeous.

  • Spend the entire summer at the beach with my cousin.

Why?  This is something we both decided we want to do.  And it would just be more fun with her.

  • Eat a smoothie bowl.

Why?  They are so nice to look at!  Like, they make food beautiful.  An art.  And it is fruit so a win win.

Here are pictures 


  • Become fluent in Spanish.

Why?  I am Puerto Rican and have spent most of my life not understanding what was being said around me.  It gets a little aggravating after a while.  I like how it sounds and it feels good to speak it.

Well, this brings an end to my 14 item bucket list.  I’m sure it will grow as I do.  Do you have anything in common with my bucket list?  Do you have one of your own?  Tell me in the comments!

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