Summer Trip pt.2

Hello everyone!

Today my family’s dogs went on their first trip to the beach.  It was awesome!!!  It took a while to find a dog friendly beach under three hours from us but we did and we had a ton of fun (living in Florida you would think that beaches would be closer but NOOOOOO).

We ended up going to a beach just south of St. Augustine.  Going to the beach early in the morning is the best bet if you are going with dogs.  The sand isn’t that hot and y’all can get some playtime in before it gets too hot.  We took water for our dogs and towels for them to lay on when they got tired.  My big dog is a lab mix and loved the water.  Our smaller dog isn’t a fan of water but she still played in the waves a little.

Tips for taking dogs to the beach –

  1. Towels.  Towels for the car, your dog, and laying on the sand, for you.  Towels for everything.
  2. Water. Drinking water is a necessity for playing with your dog in the sun anywhere.  If your dog doesn’t have water they may try to drink the salt water and that can lead to other problems.
  3. Leashes.  Most beaches require that your dog be leashed at all times.  If you do let your dog off leash, make sure they have I.D on their collar in case they get lost
  4. Toys.  If the beach is flat your dog may enjoy chasing a ball or a frisbee.  This is also a fun way to get you running too
  5. Sunscreen.  I haven’t actually used sunscreen because both of our dogs are darker.  However, if your dog has a white belly or nose, dog sunscreen would be a good idea if you plan on staying outside for long periods of time.
  6. Life vest.  Life vests are the best if you have a small dog, your dog has never been in deep water before, or if you are taking your dog surfing.  Sometimes the waves can be too much for even the best swimmer and currents can be a problem too.
  7. Poop bags!!.  When dogs decide to go to the bathroom will forever be unpredictable and no one wants to dig up old dog poop while trying to build a sandcastle.  I just use plastic shopping bags or small bread bags for this task.  And now to find a trash can…


I hope this will help a little when going on summer adventures with your pup.  What else do you take when traveling with a dog?  Let me know in the comments!!!




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