Summer Trip pt.1

Hello everyone!!!  This past weekend I took my first trip to Sanibel Island, Florida.  Let’s just say I hope it will not be my last trip.  I love that island so much.  The reason I went to Sanibel Island was to visit some extended family that had come down from Iowa.  It is located just south of Fort Myers, Florida and it is shell paradise.  The entire beach is shells.  Not like you would find in Puerto Rico where the sand isn’t sand but actually shells crushed so small they look like sand.  No.  At Sanibel Island you are literally walking on shells.  Whole shells.  As beautiful as it is, walking barefoot on the beach quickly becomes painful.

broken shells = hurt feet


We found a lot of Florida conch shells.  They are very pretty.

One of the things I love about the island is all of the bike paths.  Riding a bicycle is about as common as driving a car.  There are paved roads for the bikes that go through trees and along canals.  Everything is very scenic.  While on Sanibel Island, most of my family had rented bicycles and we took a short trip to a fully operational light house located on the coast.  

We couldn’t go up into the light house but we got some cool pictures in front of it.  The sunset on the beach colored the water beautiful shades of pink.

An interesting thing we had to do while staying on the island was making sure there was no light shining through the windows after nine o’clock P.M.  Sanibel Island is the home of many turtle nests and the people there are doing everything in their power to help the turtles make it to the ocean.  They have a good reason to as well.  At this moment every species of turtle is endangered.

At the end, the trip was a lot of fun.  Have you ever been to an island?  How was it?  Tell me in the comments!