Pineapple pt.1

Hello everyone!

First thing to say about this post: I like pineapples.  A lot.  They are one of my favorite things ever.  My mom was given a pineapple to put in a fruit salad and kept the crown of it (the top).  We let it dry on the counter and then I asked if I could plant it.  I have always wanted pineapple plant and here was my chance.  So, after it dried I found a pot and put the pineapple top in it.  I was very proud of my pineapple plant.  That is, until the tips of some of the bigger leaves started to turn brown and shrivel up.  After observing my pineapple for a few days I came to the conclusion that the bigger leaves dying was not a big deal.  There are many new leaves growing from the center.

That’s all I have for now!  I will probably do another post later with another update.

Much love,


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