Don’t Despair

less worry – more faith

Lately I have been struggling with certain things in my life.  In this  time I have turned to finding quotes and writing them over and over again.  I will write them in any notebook I am working in (I always have a notebook lol).  It helps me to clear my mind and concentrate on what I need to be doing.  Less Worry – More Faith is one of my favorites right now.  It reminds me that God is in control of whatever situation I am struggling with and I don’t need to worry about it.

-From The Ground Up-

Don’t be troubled

because of the mountain tops

you have yet to touch.

Like a tree, you will grow,

not from the sky,

but from the ground up.

                                                                                        – Morgan Harper-Nichols

This one hit home for me.  Just because you feel like you are at a low spot doesn’t mean you aren’t growing (believe me, I would know).  We all start at the bottom, not the top.  It may seem like a hard lesson to learn but there it is.  YOU CAN’T START AT THE TOP!!!  When you are learning something new you make mistakes and fall sometimes. In the end this just teaches you how to get back up and keep going even when you hurt.

Don’t compare your progress to what other people have done.  Everyone grows at different rates.  You may be doing something that does not come naturally for you.  It might be very easy for the next person.  DON’T STOP!!!  No matter what you are doing, you can do it.

You can do the thing.

This is something my friend and I say to each other a lot.  We are both still in high school and sometimes this is the only way to help each other out.  Basically it means              ‘I don’t know what you are doing but you are amazing and I know you can do it.’

I hope you find your little bit of sunshine today and share with many people.  You never know who’s life you may change

Much love,

Leila 😛



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