Trying New Things (because why not)

Hello everyone!  It has been a while since I posted but I have an amazing explanation why.  The only thing is … it is not on my blog.  Before you start freaking out and thinking I am abandoning my blog (I am not) let me finish.  I am doing something new (to me) called guest blogging.  Basically, I go post on someone else’s blog or I ask other bloggers to post on my blog.  I think it is really cool and an awesome way to get content out.  The guest blogger on my site is Zach from SportsGamer.  He has a blog dedicated to sports and gaming.  Zach wrote My Experience with Emus and Alpacas for y’all to read on my blog.  Go check out his blog and leave some comments!

I had the privilege of guest blogging on Hannah’s beautiful blog, Traveling Ginger.  As the title suggests, the blog is about travel and I like it a lot.  That is where you will find the whole story of why I have been gone.  Hint: it has something to do with travel.

I hope you will go visit these blogs and read some of the awesome content.  Don’t forget to comment!!!  Thanks so much for reading my little post here.

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