My Experience with Emus and Alpacas

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My Experience with Emus and Alpacas

Fred the Emu

Okay, so I live Tennessee, and there are a lot of farms here, as you might (not) expect. I have a friend that lives on a farm about 30 minutes away from where I live. They have horses, chickens, and also an emu. Yes, an emu. His name is Fred. Sadly, my friend’s family eventually had to give the emu back to the animal shelter where they got him from. Nevertheless, Fred was an adorable thing. Whenever guests on the farm would go to visit him, he always would come over to the fence that held him in to say hello. But, he’s also a quite curious creature. One time, my dad got to close to the fence, and Fred tried to take his phone from his hand!

I miss Fred, and hope he’s doing well in that animal shelter.

The Alpaca Farm

I went to an alpaca farm quite recently. If you don’t know what an alpaca is (which you probably do), they’re basically a smaller form of a llama. Now don’t get me wrong, alpacas are not llamas, but they do look quite similar. Anyways, my family visited a place that had a few dozen alpacas. The owner explained things like how often they shave the animals, how they make money from the fur, and how the weather conditions affect the creatures. Then, we got a chance to visit the on-site store that contained numerous items woven from the creature’s shaved fur! Overall, it had been an enjoyable day with learning and meeting cute alpacas.


Thanks for reading my stories about farm creatures!


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